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Would the United States government or any world government tell its citizenry if there were a major catastrophic event about to happen? Of course not, unequivocally no, nada and as a matter of fact no way Jose. Unlike in the movies where the politicians go on television and explain to the people that a meteor is approaching earth and we have but a few weeks to survive, in reality you are on your own. It sort of like being thrown in a jail in Mexico or some other foreign country. In the movie you call the American Embassy and a slick suited Harvard grad working for the State Department shows up at your cell and tells the foreign jailers to unlock your cell. Good example is U.S. Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi, who is still in Mexican jail as of this message.

A “Slate Wiper or Slate Cleaner” is the a term used to describe a catastrophic event that would “clean” (kill) every living human (cleaner) from the face of the earth. Said for an example a meteor the size of a two Wal-Mart tractor trailers or three Blake Shelton, country western tour buses. Would uncle get on NBC, FOX or CBS and warn the worker bees?  Of course not! So are they telling us the truth about the seriousness of EBOLA within our borders? I do not think so. A prime example was in the winter of 1989 at Reston, Virginia just outside Washington DC. A bio-hazard 'Slate Cleaner' so deadly and gruesome that even bio-hazard experts were horrified. A virus so deadly that nine out of ten of its victims died a horrifying and quick death. Not much was know about it, expert were afraid it might be airborne and all agreed it was an extremely contagious virus known as Ebola. For the next eighteen days a special detachment of armed military personnel and scientist dressed in space suits specially designed for a hot virus worked secretly to contain this killer.

Aboard an airplane a infected passenger blended into the populace and became a human virus bomb only nine years before Reston, VA.  It came from the forest of Africa. This rare and lethal virus was believed to have been born in a remote African jungle cave known as Kitsum.  He was a white man working in Africa who became sick and traveled by air to Nairobi, Kenya and then by taxi to a local hospital.  He had become sick while at home and, thinking he had a mild case of Malaria due to his eyes being red and irritated, aching muscles and fever. His abdomen had become tender, sore and his thoughts even turned to a possibly a case of Typhoid fever, even gallstones or a liver abscess was not ruled out. More pain and a self prescribed antibiotics did not help as his fever jumped and he became jaundice. A antimalarial shot at a local dispensary was excruciatingly painful. He decided he needed to leave the bush and made his way to a hospital in Nairobi, Kenya.   Almost unable to walk he made his way from the taxi into the hospital but was told to sit and wait his turn with others in the Casualty Room. As he sat there on a bench he was sweating, burning up from fever and his red eyes became blurry. His skin showed blotched bruising most likely from blood pooling under his skin. Waiting in the Casualty Room of the hospital he waited with the others before the “human virus bomb” exploded. He crashed as the saying goes bleeding out as his spine gave way he grew weak, became dizzy lost all sense of balance as he went into shock. Leaning forward with his head on his knees he began to groan and vomited a huge amount of black fluid and blood from his stomach. Gasping for air he rolled out of the chair and fell face down on the floor, unconscious and choking on a more vomit. A sound that some describe as that of a cloth being torn or ripped apart was the sound of his bowel opening up and venting more blood and the lining of his intestines out of his anus. At this point the virus had destroyed it host and was pouring from every body orifice, looking for a new host. This is the reality of Ebola. This was the account by witness of what they saw that night in Nairobi

Now we jump forward to 1989 and visit a secret government research facility where scores of test monkeys were confined in what was known as the Monkey House. The Monkey House was a Biosafety Level 4 military lab in Reston, Virginia and monkeys were coming down sick and dieing. Scientist who worked there were horrified, mortality among primates was 100%, there was not a known cure. A virus so rare that almost no one had ever seen or worked with the pathogen.

Speculations on what type virus was loose in the Monkey House was critical to the community as well as the personnel working at the facility.  The virus at the top of the list was one of the pathogens from the “Family of Filovirues,” such as the Marburg virus which is the mildest of these deadly viruses but it wasn't Marburg instead it was Ebola killing the monkeys. The facility was put under armed guard with all windows, doors and exhaust vents being covered with plastic sheeting and duct-taped air tight.  The public was not alerted to this time bomb of this event.  

SIDA which is also known as AIDS, Ebola Zaire and Ebola Sudan are all dangerous pathogens to humans. Of the later Ebola Zaire is one of the worst of these viruses with a 90% kill rate among infected humans. Ebola Zaire is commonly referred to as a “slate wiper in humans.” I do not know which variation of Ebola is currently in the United States.

So how did all these deadly virus come about? How did it get here? What are our options? Some background.  

A general theory of the origins of AIDS goes back to Africa as well. In the late nineteen-sixties when the trade in primates (monkeys) for medical studies was more wide spread monkey trappers were exposed to different or unusual virus carried by wild monkeys. Another more popular theory is that it was a man made pathogen cooked up in a government lab to destroy certain racial groups. I do not hold to that theory but I have studied and read some interesting hypothesis.

Marburg Virus is the little sister to the Ebola strains with a mortality rate of about 50%. It has come and gone numerous times over the last century.  Ebola Sudan came and went in the summer of 1976 hitting the town of Nzara and Maridi in southern Sudan, Africa. Ebola Sudan has a morbidity rate of about twice that of the Marburg virus. Ebola Sudan has been compared to the Black Plague with about the same death rate during the Middle Ages. Ebola Sudan could have quickly spread out across Africa into Europe and the Americans with a devastatingly high death count. However for some unknown reason after killing a few hundred people in Africa seemed to just die out much unlike AIDS which has spread out world wide.

Ebola Zaire is by far more deadly than the Marburg virus, Ebola Sudan, or AIDS. Ebola Zaire raised it ugly head in September of 1976 some five months after its far less deadly brother Ebola Sudan disappeared into the African countryside. Ebola Zaire first showed up in Bumba Zone in a number of villages along the Ebola River. Ebola Zaire is nearly twice as lethal as Ebola Sudan, and the first case history of this killer has never been established. One theory is that Ebola Zaire could have crossed into humans from someone touching something bloody or from hunting and eating monkey meat. Theoretically it could have just as easily developed in humans from human contact from eating or touching an insect, antelope, elephants or cave-bat. The Bat theory and the pathogens found on the floor of caverns in the area hold some truth in my opinion.   The Ebola Zaire virus surfaced at the Yambuku Mission Hospital which was ran by Belgian nuns. It is said that the nurses who worked there would lay out five or six hypodermic syringes every day and used them to give injections to hundreds of patients daily. It was reported that they sometimes rinsed the blood off the needles in warm water between injections.........The key word here is sometimes.

Ebola virus is HIGHLY INFECTIOUS and as few as five or ten particles of the pathogen can infect a new host. One day near the Obnaui River a school teacher from the mission hospital purchased some fresh killed monkey meat from a road side vendor. Within a couple of days the school teacher who was the first case of Ebola Zaire was ill most likely from his injection with a contaminated needle. How did the needle get infected? Like I said, the needles were only “sometimes” rinsed off but not sterilized and maybe someone from a village who was infected with the virus transferred the pathogen. Remember it only takes five to ten particles of the virus to infect a new host. Such a small amount of the virus could be transferred between shots as people were vaccinated or medically injected for one reason or the other all day long. Almost simultaneously within days over fifty villages in the area of the hospital erupted with the virus. People who had received injection at the hospital were the first to die and family members in particularly women who prepared the bodies became ill and died also. Within days the Yambuku Hospital’s nursing staff was decimated, killing most of the health care workers. The Belgian nuns were next with a story of a midwife dieing in five days after infection after touching a dead fetus from a infected woman. 

The Ebola virus attacks every organ in the body and is made up of seven proteins when assembled in the correct arrangement become the “perfect” parasite, transforming every organ in the human body except the skeletal muscles and bones into a liquefied slush. The virus is relentless, consuming the host as it reproduces itself. Small blood clots form and travel into smaller veins where they thicken and die causing dead spots to form in the brain, lungs, intestines, testicles in the case of men, liver, lungs and in breast tissue in both men and women. The Ebola virus is ferocious as it attacks more tissue. Collagen in the body turns to mush and the underlying skin dies and liquefies. The surface of the skin begins to blister with clear white bubbles, simultaneously red blotches resembling tapioca pudding known as a “Maculopapular Rash” appears. These red blotches grown, spread and merge forming soft, pulpy lesions that tear off at the slightest touch. The poor infected person begins to bleed around his teeth, mouth and salivary glands. The tongue first turns sore then bright red just before the surface sloughs off. It an the lining of the throat is sometimes swallowed down the windpipe and is either coughed up with sputum or swallowed into the stomach. The brain becomes clogged and spongy from dead cells in a process known as “sludging.” The eyeballs fill with blood, you weep tears of blood that run down blotched blood blistered cheeks. Even though the inside of the body is being plugged with clotted blood that which is seeping from every body orifice will not clot. This blood has been destroyed, ripped and shredded as if run through a blender void of all clotting factors.

Men's testicles swell and turn black, while in women the labia turns bright blue, protrudes with massive vaginal bleeding. Both men and women bleed from their nipples, while their guts fill with blood as the gut linings die and slough off into the bowels. Ebola destroys the human brain and if you're lucky you have a hemispherical stroke that will lead to death. Convulsion and “Grand Mal Seizures” are common with body twitching and uncontrollable movement of extremities. In the final moments of death these tremors of epileptic convulsions cause a “smearing” or splattering of virus rich blood particles (fluids) to be spread. It is like a scene from the movie Alien when the little monster eats his way out of the host lying on the table. The body of the host flops, and convulses as the Alien baby rips open the body. Thus the pathogen spreads itself about giving it a chance to find a new host.  

Even after death a Ebola virus saturated body is dangerous as the Ebola virus can live for a week in fluid. Can it be spread in the air? That is up to speculation, however federal officers at Reston seemed to be scared to death that the virus would become airborne and as I said duct-taped all windows, and doors from the inside, covering every one with heavy plastic sheeting. Dead monkeys were sealed in heavy plastic sack, stored in freezers for further research. The complete complex was sanitized (?) with a strong disinfectant such as Clorox and water. Frankly everyone I have ever spoken to has been extremely fearful of breathing the air around an infected person. Is the virus airborne? Honestly I do not know and do not think officials would tell us if it was.

In comparison the size differences between a virus and a bacteria, it has been said that a bacteria would be the size of a Grey Hound bus and a virus would be in comparison a cell phone.

Ebola is a replicating virus which is very powerful and it multiplies extremely fast. All fluids from a hot host are extremely dangerous.  Fluid being washed down city sewers or rain removal systems could live for an extend period of time. How long?  Some say at least 7 to 10 days.   

A single droplet of blood from an infected host can contain one hundred million individual Ebola particles.

When working in New Orleans right after Hurricane Katrina any person or vehicle that traveled outside our compound had to decontaminated upon return. A viable spray for killing most viruses is made by using a 5.125% solution of Clorox in water. I am not saying this is a foolproof method of killing or containing Ebola and/or any other virus, I am saying this what FEMA and the CDC used in our compound to DECON all personnel and vehicles.