Wednesday, July 23, 2014


The following set of photos show a standard Grizzly Knife Grinder that has been modified making it much easier to grind both the slab and mark side of a blade.   
Line up the metal extension bar measuring the distance between the two holes in the STEADY REST and drill two holes in the bar that will align with them. You will also need to measure a hole for your contact wheel's bearing "SHAFT"  The wheel in the photo has a locking nut.

A quick note about the photo below this post.  When you are cutting off a piece of the shaft that holds the idler arm assembly, be VERY, VERY CAREFUL. Do not take off to much material. DO NOT CUT SHAFT UNTIL YOU HAVE BUILT the contact wheel extension. WHY? As you extent the distance between the "drive wheel" (wheel that is attached to motor shaft)  and the "contact wheel" (knife grinding wheel) the distance that a standard 2" X 72" is shorten TO THE IDLER WHEEL. So the idler wheel shaft assembly has to be shortened so that idler arms assembly will go further down inside the shaft housing. 

The photo below this comment shows the new contact wheel attached to the new shaft.